Friday, May 1, 2009

Sereia's Crew

Peter Murphy is Sereia's Captain. He has sailed all his life, in the US, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and across the Pacific Ocean. He has crewed in three Newport-Bermuda Races and the Hemingway Cup.

In 2007, while Antonia was too pregnant to sail, Peter completed a non-stop, singlehanded voyage from Tahiti to New Zealand, a journey of 2,700 miles.

Peter is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard 200 GT Captain, and an International Yachtmaster Offshore.

Antonia Murphy (née Antonia Tellis)
is the First Mate and Galley Goddess of Sereia. As an accomplished dilettante, Antonia has cooked in three-star restaurants in New York and San Francisco, designed toys and websites, run a children’s theatre in California and a youth hostel at the South Pole, and dropped out of art school. She has three unpublished books in a drawer, and has written articles for Latitude 38 and Cruising World.

Silas Murphy is the newest addition to Sereia’s crew. Gestated at sea and born in New Zealand in January 2008, he has spent most of his brief, easy life on land. Once aboard Sereia, his duties will include scrubbing the decks, polishing the stainless steel, and luring large game fish with his juicy baby flesh.

On October 31, 2005, Peter and Antonia set off from San Francisco on a proposed circumnavigation.

They are taking their time.


  1. A well rounded crew on a great ketch setting off on a new adventure. Does it get any better than that?
    Live your life and let the rest of the world catch up to you.....not the other way around. I think you already know that.
    You write very well. How about getting those books published?

  2. a hearty lad indeed! Congratulations to you both! maybe one of these days we'll run across one another on a deserted shore...ahoy mateys!

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