Friday, May 1, 2009

About Sereia

Sereia, affectionately known as “Rei-Rei,” is a 36’ Mariner ketch, built in 1979. Typical of yachts of this era, she has a full keel and is build like a bomb shelter. The fiberglass in the hull is 1-3/4” thick in places, and she weighs 21,000 lbs, empty.

Rei-Rei has an unusual interior layout, as she has no v-berth and is open the entire length of the cabin, with the dining area located forward. Midships, the galley is to starboard. To port, there is a diesel heater and the head.

The main cabin is located aft, just to port of the companionway. To starboard of the companionway is the nav station and quarterberth. The engine is beneath the companionway.

Depending on your point of view, Sereia is painted with a whimsical, Moroccan-inspired palette… or she looks like a Pez dispenser. We think she’s beautiful. You can read Antonia’s article about Sereia, published in Cruising World, here.

Here are some pictures of Sereia’s sexy Moroccan colors:


When he moves aboard in July, Silas will be 18 months old. His drive for thrilling adventure will be at its peak, and his sense of self-preservation will be at its lifetime low… at least until he turns sixteen and buys a motorcycle. Sereia will have to be baby-proofed. The current plan is to turn the master cabin into a padded, enclosed “safe zone.” And then store him in it. And never let him out.

Stay tuned for future developments.

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  1. Wonderful!!! I've been missing your updates. Thanks for entertaining me from afar. Keep in touch! (Sonia Frojen from Pt. Townsend)