Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Our ad was very clear. I specifically asked for ONE crew member, because this a small boat, we live in close quarters, and there’s no room for a whole mess of people.

So I was pretty annoyed to find out we have a stowaway. And this situation’s been going on for weeks. More than three months, from what I can tell.

I smelled a rat when our food started disappearing. Sour pickles, chocolate, salty nuts. Whoever this bum is, he or she’s got a hell of an appetite.

And he’s not pulling his weight, either. If I’ve got extra mouths to feed, I want a little help around here. Doing the dishes, standing watch, or just picking up Silas’ Legos off the floor. I don’t ask for much. But this joker just stays in his comfy little dark place, taking warm baths and eating my food. Getting fat on my dime. By May, this guy’s gonna be huge. Eight, nine pounds at least.

It wasn’t easy catching the rascal. For one thing, he’s only about the size of my thumb. Plus he’s pretty wily, and he never makes a peep. We finally snapped a picture using sonar. And here’s the proof:

Look at him. Lounging around. Relaxing. Sipping amniotic fluid, with no thought for the future. I can tell you right now that when he comes out in May, things are gonna change around here.

For one thing, a good night’s sleep will be a thing of the past. And then there’s the diapers. The long, dark tunnel of diapers, from which we may never emerge.

As of next May, we’ll be a family of four. And Sereia’s gonna need more bunks.


  1. I wondered as soon as I saw that title in my RSS reader. CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you're feeling much better this time around... hey, no ocean crossing this time, right? ready access to shops with pickles and cheese? it's got to be easier!

  2. When I first read the title I thought you had a stowaway of the 6 legged + antennae sort. This is MUCH better.
    Congratulations to you all! Wishing you health and happiness as your family grows. And no transoceanic morning sickness.

  3. Geeze even "I" know what causes that. Both of you need to knock it off and I don't mean another piece,... not that it matters much now. Best of luck and let us know when the boat's for sale..............m

  4. Congrats! I tell my husband that maybe two can fit on our current boat, but if he ever wants three we better get a catamaran.

  5. (this was part of a grand plan, yes?) We're overjoyed--not to mention wondering about the ways in which sea-sickeness jives with morning sickness

  6. Congrats!

    Once we had our first kid, nine years ago, life as we knew it, was over, so we may as well double down. At least they can play with each other.

    Andy in Mpls.

  7. Congratulations to you! You'll never regret it! Awesome! Plenty of time to build additional bunks too!

  8. Lucky Yous!
    Oh I hated my sister so much and we were inseperable! Together we tormented our parents with exactitude and glee for decades!
    eat your greens girly.

  9. Holy shite! Congrats - I guess Seriea really did get re-broken in... impressive you got that done...funny how that happens eh?

  10. Congratulations Antonia, Peter and Silas
    It's not always a piece of cake but the rewards are oh so worth it!

  11. well you did say you where looking for crew.

    conga rats and do take a nice sail around the world. :)

  12. Oh mah gawd! You two are busy! My how productive you are... Living vicariously through you as I sand and paint other people's boats here in Port Townsend. Trying to come up with an idea for a self-guided study of climate change in Polynesia... any helpful ideas for me? Hope you guys are well. I love keeping up with you through your amazing stories... Keep it up! xo Sonia Frojen (formerly of Lift, now of SV Freya my very own wooden boat of 18 feet long).